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Hucul Club - an organisation to save the threatened hucul horse breed - was founded in 1972, when only some 300 purebred individuals remained on the planet. The goal of the Club, an association of volunteers and enthusiasts, has been to preserve the breed and find it a new use and reason for existence in the modern world. The guiding principle of Hucul Club is education towards a friendship between man and animal, the ideals espoused in The Great Law.


If you would like to support the Hucul horses or the work of Hucul Club, please contact us.
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Last updated 09/10/19

To the  visitors of our  English pages:

At the end of 2019, the Hucul Club in its 47th year of operation is alive and well!

However,  updating of the English pages has proved too much of a chore, so we invite you to refer to the Czech pages, or get in touch with us directly for current information. Historical info presented here is still correct and hopefully of interest, particularly to those interested in the breed, in the history of its resurrection from near extinction, and in the past activities and achievements of Hucul Club.

With our apologies, new info will in future only be available in the Czech pages.




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